Natural Odourless After Shave

$24.00 CAD


Natural Composition: 100% natural alum stone, no preservatives, no aluminum salts, and no perfume, suitable for allergy sufferers. 
Natural Aftershave: Helps to clean your skin after shaving and closes the pores, which is soothing when shaving burns. 
Stop Bleeding: Has an astringent effect, and can be used to stop small bleeding caused during shaving.
Antiseptic Function: Has an antiseptic effect, and helps to avert infections caused by the smallest wounds after shaving.
Convenient Carrying: Small size and lightweight, would not take up too much space, convenient to carry anywhere.


Gender: Unisex

Name: Alum Stone

This product is made from 100% natural alum, with no preservatives, no aluminum salts, and no perfume. It has functions that soothe skin, stop bleeding, and antiseptic, which is a necessary item for beard shaving.

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