IPL Laser Hair Remover

$243.00 CAD


  • Body material: PC-241R white hand-feeling oil over UV
  • Decorative ring material: ABS-757 gold plating
  • Display material: PC-2805 black translucent
  • Working noise: <66 dB
  • Working life: After 600,000 times, the energy loss does not exceed 20%
  • Lamp: vacuum quartz lamp
  • Single pulse light time: <1ms
  • Filter wavelength: 530-1200nm
  • Charging interface: plug-in
  • Light output area: 4 cm² for the main unit, 2.5 cm² for the small head, 1 cm²
  • Replacement head: magnetic round hole, magnetic square hole
  • Three touch buttons + one light-emitting mechanical button
  • The fastest light-emitting time: 1.2 seconds
  • Minimum light output energy: 6J/3cm2 or more
  • Maximum light output energy: 18J/3cm2 or more
  • Host size: 6.3cm*4.2cm*20cm
  • Charger specifications: Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz Output: 24V 1.5A


Power Type: Electric

Number of nozzles: 3 - 4 pcs

Item Type: Epilator

Epilator Type: Laser

Material: ABS+plastic

Flash times: 600000 pulse

Function: ICE/HR/SC/RA

Input Power: 48W

Energy: 2-6J/CM² square

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